Sparkele SPI-300G 300 Watts AT/PS2 Switching Power Supply
Sparkele SPI-300G 300 Watts AT/PS2 Switching Power Supply
Sparkele SPI-300G 300 Watts AT/PS2 Switching Power Supply
Model: SPI-300G

Sparkele SPI-300G 300 Watts AT/PS2 Switching Power Supply


  • Input: 90-132/180-264VAC @ 47-63Hz (switch-selectable)
  • Complies with AT standard
  • High efficiency and reliability
  • Internal 12VDC fan included
  • Compliant with FCC and CISPR
  • Short-circuit, over-voltage, over-current protection
  • Resettable power shutdown
  • Efficiency: 65% minimum
  • MTBF: 50,000 hours on maximum load
  • Dimensions: 5.5"L x 5.9"W x 3.4"H

  • UPC Code:

    - 1 - P8 Connector
    - 1 - P9 Connector
    - 4 - 4pin Molex Connector
    - 2 - FloppyConnector

    SPI-300G replaces the following computer power supplies:

    Acer Aspire 5133LK

    AGI BPS-2001-4U
    AGI BPS-2504-4U
    AGI PS-250W

    Arbor ZKS-250AE
    Astec 190170-01
    Astec 213-00013
    Astec 628699-001
    Astec 73-610-001
    Astec 73-610-016
    Astec PSE5-115-CI-001
    Astec PSE5-115-CI-016
    Astec SA145-3408
    Astec SA145-3430

    Astec SA145-3490
    Astec SA201-3438
    Astec SA201-3439
    Astec SA201-3440
    Astec SA201-3455
    Astec SA301-3405
    Astec SA302-3505
    Astec VL201-3400
    Athena Power AP-AT30
    Athena Power AP-AT35
    Athena Power AP-AT40
    Athena Power AT-30
    Bestec BPS-2504-4TU
    Bestec BPS-2994-4U
    Compaq 213928-001
    Compaq 213929-001
    Compaq 213976-021
    Compaq 214969-001
    Compaq 214978-001
    Compaq 334540-001
    Compaq 334543-001
    Compaq Presario 5695
    Compaq PS2021
    Compaq PS-5151-4A
    Compaq PS-5151-4C
    Deer DR-230C
    Delta DPS-145PB-38 A
    Delta DPS-145PB-38 A Rev: 01
    Delta DPS-200PB-8
    DVE DSP-1454C
    DVE DSP-1454P
    DVE DSP-1514P
    Emacs HG2-6300P (AT)

    Emacs SP2-4250F

    Emacs SP2-4300FB 6SP2-300B054
    Enermax E251P-V
    Fs200 s40g
    FSP 9PP2500201
    FSP 9PP2500203


    FSP SPI-250G
    FSP SPI-300G
    Gateway 6500010
    G-Power 190308-01
    G-Power GP-4150PB
    G-Power GP-4200PB
    Hipro HP-200 PPGN
    Hipro HP-230PPFN
    IBM 52G7955
    IBM 92F0411
    Kingspao KP-220TUL
    Kingspao MPS-6220T

    Liteon PA-4221-3A1

    Liteon PA-4151-9B1
    Liteon PS-5151-4A
    Liteon PS-5151-4C
    Macase MG-250EP
    Mapower PP-300TA (no P8&P9)
    Max Power KP-220TUL
    Max Power MPS-6220T
    NEC 158-050684-002
    NEC 190170-01
    NEC 213-00007
    NEC SA302-3505-1276
    Packard Bell 190050
    Packard Bell DSP-1454P
    Packard Bell PB150C
    Power Switch Corp PS-AT-200CC
    Power Tronic PTA-4200CF
    Power Tronic SK-4145DE
    PowerMan HP-230PP3
    PowerWin PW-250APSA

    PowerWin PW-200APSA
    Ram Technologies PFC230PC


    Sentomi SMP-200V

    Seventeam ST-300WHT-P
    Sparkle 9PP2500201
    Sparkle 9PP2500203
    Sparkle SPI-250G
    Sparkle SPI-250G-B
    Sparkle SPI-300G
    Sparkle SPI-300G-B



    StarTech AG-230T
    StarTech PS2POWER230
    Topower TOP-250SS
    Topower TOP-250SS-CE
    Touch MU-250P
    Zippy - Emacs HG2-6300P