KVM-101-AP 1 Port Over IP Switch
KVM-101-AP 1 Port Over IP SwitchKVM-101-AP 1 Port Over IP Switch
KVM-101-AP 1 Port Over IP Switch
Model: KVM-101-AP

KVM-101-AP 1 Port Over IP Switch

KVM-101-AP switch defines a new class of remote KVM access devices. KVM-101-AP switch combines digital remote KVM access via IP networks with comprehensive and integrated system management.

KVM-101-AP switch provides convenient, remote KVM access and control via LAN or Internet. It captures, digitizes, and compresses video signal and transmits it with keyboard and mouse signals to and from a remote computer. KVM-101-AP switch provides a non-intrusive solution for remote access and control. Remote access and control software runs on its embedded processors only but not on mission-critical servers, so that there is no interference with server operation or impact on network performance.

Furthermore, KVM-101-APswitch offers additional remote power management with the help of optional available device. KVM-101-AP switch supports consoles consisting of PS/2 style keyboards and mouse and HDDB 15 video output.KVM-101-AP switch will automatically detect the current video mode of the console, however manual fine-tuning is recommended to receive the best video quality. KVM-101-AP switch will accept video streams up to 110 MHz dot clock. This results in a screen resolution of 1280x1024 pixels with a frame rate of 60 Hz


Techinal Specification
PC Port 1
Console Port 1
PC Port Connector
(All Female Types)
PS/2 Keyboard Mini Din 6 pin
PS/2 Mouse Mini Din 6 pin
VGA HDDB 15 pin
USB Type B receptacle
Console Port Connector
(All Female Types)
Local Console:
PS/2 Keyboard Mini Din 6 pin
PS/2 Mouse Mini Din 6 pin
VGA HDDB 15pin
Remote Console: RJ-45 8P8C
Serial Port (DB9 pin Male) 1
LAN port (RJ-45 8P8C) 1
10BASE-T Ethernet uses Category 3/4/5/5E/6 UTP 100BASE-T Ethernet uses Category 5/5E/6 UTP
Reset button 1
Keyboard Emulation PS/2
Mouse Emulation PS/2
VGA Resolution Local :1600 X1200 Remote : 1280 X1024
Housing Metal
Power Adapter DC 5V, 2.5A
Operation Temperature 0~50C  
Storage Temperature -20~60C
Humidity 0~80C Non-condensing
Size Desktop
Dimension (mm) 6x5.5x1 Inches
System requirement  
Local console side One PS/2 Keyboard, one PS/2 Mouse and one monitor
Remote Console side One PC or Multiple PCs are linked into the network
Computer side One PC or Server or the console port of KVM switch unit