ICY DOCK MB994SP-4S 4 in 1 SAS / SATA Hot Swap Backplane RAID cage
ICY DOCK MB994SP-4S 4 in 1 SAS / SATA Hot Swap Backplane RAID cageICY DOCK MB994SP-4S 4 in 1 SAS / SATA Hot Swap Backplane RAID cage
ICY DOCK MB994SP-4S 4 in 1 SAS / SATA Hot Swap Backplane RAID cage
Model: MB994SP-4S

ICY DOCK MB994SP-4S 4 in 1 SAS / SATA Hot Swap Backplane RAID cage
Introducing the Icy Dock MB994SP-4S Quad Bay 2.5" SATA/SAS Mobile Rack for use in a single 5.25" device bay. This product is constructed of heavy duty metal to hold up in the toughest of conditions. It includes ventilation slots on the front, back, top and bottom for maximum airflow to keep both SATA and SAS drives running cool, and an LED is placed on the front of each drive tray to give the user drive status at all times. Dual 4-pin power connectors are used to ensure a consistent power supply to all 4 drives, whether they are low power SSD’s or power hungry 15000 RPM SAS drives. Also included are dual 40mm cooling fans to keep the drives running in at optimal temperatures in even the most intense applications. The fans utilize Active Power Technology, so that the fans only power up if there are drives installed. If no drives are inserted, neither fan will power up. If drives are only inserted on the right side, only the right-side fan will power up, and vice versa.The MB994SP-4S utilizes our brand new EZ Slide Mini Trays, making drive interchangeability and maintenance completely hassle free. The trays are built using full metal so that they are durable for many lifetimes, but will not weigh you down when transporting your data from system to system. And featuring a full cage design, the added top drive cover provides added protection while moving the drive. The trays are also designed to accommodate 9.5mm, 12.5mm, and 15mm drives giving you the ultimate universal 2.5" hot swap bay.Utilizing its small form factor, The MB994SP-4S is perfect for use in industrial PCs, servers, or any small form factor case where 5.25” bays are limited and large drive capacity is needed, especially compact RAID 5 systems. It is built to function in the most demanding environments including military and law enforcement deployment, as well as manufacturing conditions such as embedded control systems and factory automation systems. The heavy metal design makes it ideal for placement in rugged environments.



Product Features:
* Fits 4 x 2.5" SATA I / II / III and SAS HDD/SSD.

* Accommodates Drives with up to 15mm Height.

* Fits 4 Drives into a Single 5.25" Device Bay.

* Status LED on Front for Each Drive.

* Full Metal EZ Slide Mini Tray System with
Full Cage Design.

* Small Form Factor Perfect for IPC, Servers,
and Small Form Factor Cases.

* Front, Rear, Top, and Bottom Ventilation Slots.

* Dual 40mm Fans with Active Power Technology.

* Heavy Duty Full Metal Construction.

* Support SATA 6Gbps.

* Top Cover for the Tray Adds Extra Drive




ICY DOCK MB994SP-4S 4 x 2.5" HDD in 1 x 5.25" bay SAS / SATA Hot Swap Backplane RAID cage
Model Number :
Color :
Matt Black
Host Interface :
7 pin SATA x 4
Drive Fit :
2.5" SAS or SATA I /II HDD / SSD x 4
Drive Bay :
5.25" Bay x 1
Transfer Rate :
Up to 6 Gb/sec. (depending on hard drive speed)
Insert& Extract conection Via :
15 pin direct hard drive connection
Structure :
Drive Cooling :
40mm rear cooling fan x 2 & metal heat dispersion
LCD Indication :
Device Power & Drive Activity
LCD Display Color :
Green : Device Power ; Amber : Drive Activity
Dimension (L x W x H) :
6.70" x 5.75 " x 1.63 "
Weight :
1.77 lbs