HP Slimline Desktop / Tower Replacement Power Supply HP P/N:5188-7520
HP Slimline Desktop / Tower Replacement Power Supply HP P/N:5188-7520
HP Slimline Desktop / Tower Replacement Power Supply HP P/N:5188-7520
Model: PS-HPSlimlineFlex200
Upgrade Option:: 

HP Slimline Desktop / Tower Replacement Power Supply HP P/N:5188-7520
This 200watt Slim Flex ATX Power Supply is a popular replacement for HP Desktop, particular Slimline Desktop or Slimline Tower Models, with defective 108watt, 160watt, 180watt and 230watt power supplies.  It is ok to use a higher wattage power supply as replacement, especially during a upgrade situation were more hard disk(s) and/or additional memory and etc may require more a bigger wattage power supply.  This 200watt model will get system up and running but we do offer a 270watt upgrade option for those who want to go even higher.

Typical Original defective power supplies that needed to be replaced were made by:

ACBel PC6012
ACBel PC6034
ACBel PC8023
Delta DPS-160QB
Delta DPS-108DB-1A or aka DPS-108DB-1 A
Delta DPS-108DB-1
Elanpower RP-2005-00

For example, the Original Defective Power Supply might look like this:
ACBEL PC6012 ACBEL PC6012 Power Supply label
DPS-108DB-1A Power Supply DPS-108DB-1A Power Supply Label

The defective power supply's label may also be imprinted with HP Part# 5188-2755, HP Part# 5188-7520, HP Part# 5188-7602, and HP Part# 492674-001.
  • HP Part# 5188-2755 is a 108watt Model Power Supply.
  • HP Part# 5188-7520 is a 160watt Model Power Supply.
  • HP Part# 5188-7602 is a 180watt Model Power Supply.
  • HP Part# 492674-001 is a 230watt Model Power Supply (Use 200watt or we also offer the optional 270watt Model as replacement).
Which are mostly found in these HP Products:

    * Hewlett Packard GC659AAR
    * Hewlett Packard GC665AA
    * Hewlett Packard GC665AA#ABA
    * Hewlett Packard GG787AAR
    * Hewlett Packard GJ474AA#ABA
    * Hewlett Packard GJ474UAR
    * Hewlett Packard GN566AA#ABA
    * Hewlett Packard GN567AA
    * Hewlett Packard GN567AAABA
    * Hewlett Packard GS221AV
    * Hewlett Packard GX615AA
    * Hewlett Packard GX616AA
    * Hewlett Packard KE624AA
    * Hewlett Packard Pavilion S3XXX Series
(s3020n, s3100n, s3120n, s3123w, s3200n, s3200t, s3220n, s3200z, S3023w, s3127c, S3300F, S3320F, S3330F, S3330PC)
    * Hewlett Packard RX8XXX Series (RX890AA, RX890AAR)
    * Packard RY882AAR
    * Hewlett Packard RZ389AAR

The 108watt HP Part# 5188-2755 are typically used in in these HP Pavilion models:

s7210n, 220n, s7310n, s7320n, s7410n, s7420n, s7421c, s7400n, s7415c,  s7500n, s7510n, s7515x, s7520n, s7527c, s7530n, s7500y, s7540a, s7500e, s7520kr,  s7517c, s7600y, ss7520la, s7600e, s7521k, s7545a, s7600n, s7605n, s7617c, s7620n,  s7627c, s7612n, s7550d, s7620la, s7525a, s7640la, s7613w, s7603w, s7531kr, s7700n,  s7727c, s7700y, s7700e, s7740LA, s7720LA, s7541kr, s7712n, s7713w

Other supported HP Pavilion models with similar power supplies are:

HP Pavilion s3431.uk, HP Pavilion s3520br, HP Pavilion s3500f, HP Pavilion s3521.uk, HP Pavilion s3521.sc, HP Pavilion s3122x, HP Pavilion EN996AA, HP Pavilion s3620fr, HP Pavilion s7310n, HP Pavilion s3120n, HP Pavilion s5160f , HP Pavilion s7220n, HP Pavilion s7120n, HP Pavilion s7210n, HP Pavilion s7400n, HP Pavilion s7410n, HP Pavilion s7415c, HP Pavilion s7420n, HP Pavilion s7421c, HP Pavilion s7500e, HP Pavilion s7500n, HP Pavilion s7500y, HP Pavilion s7510n, HP Pavilion s7515x, HP Pavilion s7517c, HP Pavilion s7520n, HP Pavilion s7527c, HP Pavilion s7530n, HP Pavilion s7600n, HP Pavilion s7603w, HP Pavilion s7605n, HP Pavilion s7612n, HP Pavilion s7613w, HP Pavilion s7617c, HP Pavilion s7620n, HP Pavilion s7627c, HP Pavilion s7320n, HP Pavilion s3300t, HP Pavilion s3321p, HP Pavilion S3400T, HP Pavilion s3420f, HP Pavilion s3430f, HP Pavilion Slimline s3431, HP Pavilion s3407c, HP Pavilion s3500t, HP Pavilion s3600t, HP Pavilion s3650f, HP Pavilion s3720y, HP Pavilion s5120f, HP Pavilion s5122f, HP Pavilion s7700n, HP Pavilion s3707c, HP Pavilion s3710t , HP Pavilion s7700n, HP Pavilion s7712n, HP Pavilion s7713w, HP Pavilion s7727c, HP Pavilion s7000, HP Pavilion s3220n, HP Pavilion S3420F

The new powerful, PFC rated 200watt Replacement Power Supply will have a Ball Bearing fan with  TUL, CSA, CB, CE, TUV, and NEMKO approvals.

It can be used in many situations due
to it's Compact Flex ATX Size of:

3.25" Wide


1 5/8" Tall


6" Deep 

(150mm Deep x 81.5mm Wide x 40.6mm Tall)
FSP200-50PLA2 Power Supply

Cable harness included are:

Mini ATX 2.0 24pin
( Qty 1 Included)
ATX12V 4pin
(Qty 1 Included)

4pin Molex Power
Plug for Peripheral
(Qty 1Included)
SATA Power Plug
(Qty 2 Included)

Power Plug
(Qty 1 Included)