Gateway 180w E-Machine eMachine Replacement Power Supply
Gateway 180w E-Machine eMachine Replacement Power Supply
Gateway 180w E-Machine eMachine Replacement Power Supply
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Gateway 180w E-Machine eMachine Replacement Power Supply

This 180watt Replacement Power Supply has a longer lasting Ball Bearing
Fan to suck Air from the CPU and dump the Hot Air to the outside of the
case. Its features Low ripple & noise output, Super low noise fan control,
Short circuit protection, Over voltage protection, Over power protection.
Thru the manufacture's 100% hi-pot test, this 180w Power Unit was
thoroughly burn-in for High Efficiency and Greater Reliability feedback.
Technically, this 180w Replacement unit is compliant with Intel P4
SFX12V Power Design Guide 2.0 and meet AMD Athlon requirements.
However, most importantly to you, we complied the following list for
your Compatibility Cross Reference:

Compatible with following Gateway P/N, Model, Part# or Model#:

6500192, 6500329, 6500361, 6500401, 6500451, 6500495, 6500505, 6500506, 6500507, 6500510, 6500545, 6500527, 6500705, 6500648

It could also be listed as the following command Gateway OEM Parts:

Astec ATX-90-3405, Astec ATX-93-3405, Newton NPS-90AB-1 B Newton NPS-160DB B Newton NPS-90-2A, Newton NPS-145PB-117 A, Newton NPS-90EB, & Delta DPS-145PB-117 A/B

Gateway is the register trademark of Gateway systems
  • PS Installation Support Offered with every order
  • Same day shipping on this PS orders by 12pm PST every weekday
  • SFX12V v.2.2 Standard
  • Switchable AC 115/230V input
  • UL, CSA, TUV, CE Approved
  • Over voltage protection and Short circuit protection
  • High efficiency and Low Ripple & Noise
  • MTBF:50K hours and 100% Hi-pot tested
  • Input frequency: 50/60Hz
  • In-rush current: 80A max. cold start
  • Hold up time (full load): 16ms. typical
  • Efficiency; 110-120VAC and full range: >65%
  • Efficiency; 220-240VAC (full load): >70
  • Dielectric withstand, input to frame/ground: 1800VAC, 1sec
  • Dielectric withstand, input to output: 1800VAC, 1sec.
  • MTBF (full load): >100k hrs at 25°C
  • Output: +3.3V@16.7A; +5V@21A; +12V@10A; -12V@0.5A; +5Vsb@2A
  • EMI/RFI compliance: FCC part 15 class B
  • Dimensions: 4.9”(D) x 3.9”(W) x 3.0”(H)


Your Original defective unit may have a 3 pin connector plug that was
connected to the motherboard as a way to control the internal Power Supply
fan. This replacement Power Supply features a self regulating fan without
needing to draw power from the motherboard.  Thus, it could operates without
needing this 3pin connection and still able to turn its internal fan.

A Higher Wattage will not burn your system.  A Higher Wattage output
is more fault tolerant, and allows you to add more device(s) to your system.
To handle more loads, so to speak...  Meanwhile, it will only give you as much
"juice" as your system would ask.  i.e.  If your system devices take up 180watts
of load, then a 180watts power supply would output 180watts and have left
20watts of output  capability in reserve.

At some rear instances, we also recommend the optional Power Supply "Y"
Splitter Power Plug Cable to help the Power Supply reach certain Hard Disk
installation in some cases.