FSP Fortron Source FSP300-60GHS 300W Power Supply
FSP Fortron Source FSP300-60GHS 300W Power SupplyFSP Fortron Source FSP300-60GHS 300W Power Supply
FSP Fortron Source FSP300-60GHS 300W Power Supply
Model: FSP300-60GHS

FSP Fortron Source FSP300-60GHS 300W Power Supply
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This is a much better 80plus (80 PLUS) Energy-Efficient replacement power supply for popular models:

FSP FSP300-60GNV, Gateway 6500510, PowerMan FSP300-60GLS, PowerMan FSP300-60GNV, POWERMAN MODEL IP-P300BN1-0 300W POWER SUPPLY. 

It is also direct replacement for DPS-300AB-9.  Many customers use this 300watt Model to replace the 95watt, 100watt, 105watt, 120watt, 145watt, 150watt, 180watt, 200watt, and even 250watt of the same physical dimension.

Home Theater PC builder can integrate this small yet powerful unit into their always on HTPCs to take advantage of its Energy Efficiency because this Mirco ATX Power Supply is 80 PLUS Certified.

Please note that this unit size is only 125 (L) x 100 (W) x 63.5 (H) mm or 5" Wide X 2.5" Tall X 4" Deep. It can be used a direct replacement for the follow part# or Models:


Astec ATX202-3515-1412B

Astec ATX202-3545

Astec ATX202-3515

Delta DPS-145PB-117 B

Enermax EG285SX-VB

Enhance ENP-2116H

Enhance ENP-2725H

Enlight EN-8201931A1

Ever Power CWT-250MDP12

Ever Power CWT-200MD12




Gateway 6500308

Gateway 6500400

Gateway Performance 500

Gateway 6500329

Gateway 6500361

Gateway 6500401

Gateway 6500451

Gateway 6500495

Gateway 6500505

Gateway 6500506

Gateway 6500510

Gateway 6500507

Gateway 6500527

Gateway 2000 G6-233

Gateway Performance 750

Gateway 6500125

Gateway 6500184
HP Pavilion 531W

In Win IP-P300BN1-0

Newton NPS-200PB-88 A

Newton NPS-90AB-1 B

Newton NPS-90-2A

Newton 79F3391

Newton NPS-200PB-56C

Newton NPS-200PB-96D

Newton NPS-200PB-96C

PowerMan FSP270-50SNV

PowerMan FSP300-60GLS

PowerMan FSP300-60GNV

Powmax LP6100A

Powmax PSLP6100AA

Sparkle FSP270-50SNV

Sparkle FSP300-60GLS

Sparkle FSP200-50SNV

Sparkle FSP300-60GNV


It cames with following plugs:

1 x Main connector (20+4Pin)
1 x 12V(P4)
4 x peripheral
2 x SATA
2 x Floppy